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•   ” Nightfall” Parillo/Byrnes/Skop

•    “Krisanthi Sings Carole, Carly and Karen” Krisanthi Pappas

•    “And The Sun Will Shine” Krisanthi Pappas

•    “Broadway Favorites…and All That Jazz” Krisanthi Pappas

•    “You and Me by the Christmas Tree” Krisanthi Pappas

•    “Celebratin’ Swing” Krisanthi Pappas

•    “My Backyard” Krisanthi Pappas

•    “My Shining Hour” Johnny Souza

•   ” James Dower Trio featuring Steve Skop and Mark Mahoney” James Dower

•    “The Suite” The Lowell Chamber Orchestra, Orlando Cela, Director

•    “Parking Lots and Doom Queens” Shaun England

•    “I Wish I Had A River” Shannon Corey

•    “Live on Cape Cod”  Ptah Brown

•    “Tuesday is the New Saturday” Wil Darcangelo

•    “Let Me Be Strong” Valerie Sneade

•    “Playing Stages” Paul Speidel

•    “Guitar Bass Drums” Paul Speidel

•    “No What?” Michael Kelly and the Hot Blue Q

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